Union County Council on Aging and Aged

Code of Ethics

Lifestream In-Home Community Services Agency

In-Home Service Provider Code of Ethics

  • No use of service recipient’s car
  • No consumption of service recipient’s food or drink
  • No use of service recipient’s telephone for personal calls
  • No discussion of employee’s own personal problems or political beliefs with service recipient
  • No religious, denominational evangelism of the service recipient or attempts to convert to any other religion
  • No acceptance of gifts or tips from the service recipient. The opportunity to make donations to the service provider organization is to be provided to service recipients, but must incorporate confidentiality and safeguard of recipients
  • No friends or relatives of the employee are to be brought to the service recipient’s home
  • No consumption of alcoholic beverages nor use of medicine or drugs for any purpose other than medical shall take place in the service recipient’s home is permitted, not prior to service delivery
  • No smoking in service recipient’s home is permitted
  • No solicitation of money or goods from service recipients is permitted
  • The worker may eat his/her personal lunch in the service recipient’s home, with the consent of the service recipient
  • The worker may use the service recipient’s bathroom facilities
  • No breach of service recipient’s privacy or confidentiality of personal information is to be made